Avon Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection in Avon

My phone rang last week and on the other end of the line was a local excavating contractor. He informed me that he was on a job site in Avon looking for a water leak. His crew had unsuccessfully spent time digging a hole on a very large piece of land looking for the pesky little water leak. He explained to me that the property owner had received a very large water bill indicating some sort of underground water leak. My suggestion was to allow me to perform an underground water leak detection test.

The Art of Water Leak Detection

Once on site I quickly familiarized myself with the location of the underground water lines. What I was looking at was about a thousand feet of underground water line with four branches, each one going to yard hydrants used to supply water to animals. I took a deep breath and said to myself  “this is going to be like finding a needle in a haystack”.

I began my water leak detection by making sure none of the hydrants were visibly leaking. I then checked the leak indicator on the water meter and could tell it was a small leak, maybe 2 gallons per minute. Unsure of the type of piping I was dealing with, I applied pipe locating equipment to the hydrants but could get no signals. This meant most likely I was dealing with a very small water leak on a plastic water line buried at least 3 feet deep. Small leaks on plastic water lines at this depth make very little noise needed for water leak detection.

My next move was to perform a leak survey with a sonoscope leak detector. I went to each hydrant and listened. Hydrant 1 – 3 had no sound. When I got to hydrant number four I could hear water leaking. With this I knew there was a water leak between hydrant number 3 and 4 since they were in a straight line about a hundred feet apart. Now I was getting some where! My water leak detection process could now be focused on a hundred feet of pipe rather than a 1000 feet of pipe.

Armed with this I applied a more sensitive water leak detection device to hydrant number 4. With this my readings were telling me the water leak was not far from hydrant number 4. After listening with my probe around the area where the hydrant was located I determined the water leak had to be really close or at the base of the hydrant especially since sound doesn’t travel very far on plastic pipe. To confirm the location I shut off the water and applied an inert tracer gas to the line. After about 10-15 minutes I got positive readings right at the base of the hydrant.

Water Leak Detection Saves You Money!

The total time on this job was about two hours. The owner of the property knows exactly where the leak is so it can be repaired without destroying here property. There is a good chance that another contractor would have come in and spent countless hours looking for the leak or even want to replace all of the water lines.

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