Clogged Toilet in Amherst

Toilet Clogs In Amherst

Toilets can clog for many reasons. From low quality to mechanical problems here are the most common reasons why your toilet may clog.

Low Efficient Toilet – This means your toilet may not create a strong enough syphon and could get clogged because of it. For example, if you put too much toilet paper for it to handle then you may need to unclog it with a plunger. But the clog could be more complicated; a clogged toilet could indicate you have a low efficient toilet and needs to be replaced. This is usually the case with inexpensive toilets.

Clogged Drain – The problems could be with the drain line itself, which usually only happens when the clogging has been building up over time and now it just wont flush. You will have to contact a plumber to take care of the clog with a drain snake. Using chemicals usually is a waste of money and will result in a service call anyway.

Trap Blockage  Objects can get caught in the trap, that’s the S-shaped part of the bowl. This trap is designed to keep sewer gasses from entering your home. But it can still get clogged with toys, or objects that accidentally get flushed.

Lime Scale – Lime scale can build up over time in the jet holes and trap way robbing the toilet of its power resulting in a clogged toilet.

Mechanical Problems – Water levels and flapper settings are critical in order for the toilet to flush properly. When the mechanical components are out of adjustment there may not be enough water to remove the contents. The end result just maybe a clogged toilet.

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