Drain Line Repair & Installation in Avon Lake, OH

Drain Line Repair & Installation in Avon Lake, OH

I got a call from a client this week looking to have a drain line installed for a washer machine. The home, located in Avon lake, Ohio already has an existing washer machine in the basement. My client wanted to move the washer machine location from the basement to the first floor. After meeting with my client on the job and looking at some different options, I quickly realized this was not a standard drain line repair or installation.

The challenge wasn’t getting the fixture drain to the first floor, that was pretty cut and dry. The problem was venting the new fixture drain installation.  Because of the way the home was structured running the vent for the new drain line installation through the roof or side wall wasn’t an option. Although an A.A.V was permitted per manufacturer specs, I didn’t want a fresh air grate in the finished dry wall.

Then it hit me. I would install the individual vent for the washer machine a minimum 6″ over the top of the washer box and turn horizontal with a small amount of pitch and head back down into the basement. Once in the basement I then pitched the vent down and tied it into an existing vent that terminated through the roof.

I can tell you in 22 years of plumbing, this was the first time I utilized this drain installation technique. According to chapter 9, section 905.2 of the Ohio Plumbing Code, it is perfectly legal. As long as the vent is self draining back to a drainage pipe you can take a vent up and back down as long as water can’t get trapped in the vent. This is something I wouldn’t normally do, but in this situation it got me out of a jam.

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