Frozen Pipes in Elyria

Frozen Pipes

Frozen plumbing in the Elyria area are a true problem in winter. Water lines that are subjected to the cold, like hose faucets, water lines which are not installed deep enough and pipes in drafty basements can split when they freeze causing decrease of water to the home.

Why Plumbing Pipes Freeze?

When the temperature outside drops below freezing the risk of frozen pipes increase. Hose faucets, pipes not installed deep enough in the ground or pipes in cold drafty basements are liable to freeze.

When water freezes it expands and can break pipes that aren’t protected from the freezing weather. When the pipe begins to thaw water begins to flow creating a mess or possibly damage to your home.

Frozen Pipe Prevention

The best way to reduce frozen pipes is heat tape and insulation. Using insulation alone usually won’t work. There has to be a source of heat. This is the job of the heat tape.

This is a great way to prevent pipes that are exposed from freezing, however often there are pipes that you can not reach that may be at risk of freezing. Dripping faucets can prevent pipes from freezing by keeping water moving through them.

Why is it Important to Keep Pipes from Freezing?

When pipes freeze they are at risk for bursting and bursting pipes are an inconvenience. If a pipe bursts you may have little or no water pressure in the house.

Frozen pipes can be very costly to repair because it usually means you need a plumbing repair. It may cost money to drip faucets in the home all night and day depending on how long temperatures are below freezing but this is less expensive than calling a plumber out to repair frozen pipes.

The best idea is to be pro active when it comes to preventing frozen pipes in the winter time.

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