Hot Water Heater Problems in Avon, OH

Hot Water Heater Problems in Avon, OH

Many things can go wrong with your hot water heater. One of the most common complaints we recieve from clients is inconsistent hot water during usage.

Symptoms of inconsistent hot water are:

  • Hot water seems to run out quickly
  • Hot water has pockets of cold water during usage
  • No hot water at certain faucets throughout the home or commercial kitchen

If you have any of these symptoms and your hot water heater seems to be working fine you could be experiencing a cross connection in the system.

A cross connection is a point in the water distribution system where hot and cold water have the potential to mix. Cross connections can occur in several areas of the system. The most common areas to look for a cross connection are:

  • Hot water circulation lines
  • Single handle faucets
  • Tempering valves
  • Hot and cold faucets with a sprayer attached to the spout

A simple test can be performed to determine if you have a cross connection. Simply turn off the valve supplying cold water to your hot water heater and open a the hot side of a faucet. If water continues to come out of the hot side of the faucet then you have a fixture somewhere in the water distribution system that is allowing cold water to enter the hot side. Where ever that fixture is located it must be fixed.

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