Sump Pump Maintenance in Avon, OH

Sump Pump Maintenance in Avon, OH

Owning a sump doesn’t have to be stressful. Although these machines are the most neglected item in the home, they are your number one defense against a flooded basement. Maintaining a sump pump requires a lot more than just dumping a five gallon bucket of water in the sump crock to see if the pump turns on.

Electric driven sump pumps should be inspected and cleaned by a qualified professional plumber annually. Performing annual sump pump maintenance can dramatically increase the life expectancy of your sump pump.

If you call upon some one to check your sump pump here is a list of items they should be performing:

  • Remove any debris from the pit that could clog the pump
  • Verify vent hole is present and operational
  • Verify check valve is operational
  • Check integrity of discharge piping
  • Perform motor amp draw (lets you know if the motor is operating with in specs)
  • Verify pump is sized properly for the application
  • Verify age of pump (Pumps have a life expectancy)

These are items that are standard procedure during a primary sump pump inspection. Take care of your sump pump and it will take care of you.

If you have any questions about your sump pump system in the Avon, Ohio area give us a call we are here to help.