Underground Water Pipe Leak Detection

Underground water pipe leak in Amherst

Amherst Underground Water Pipe Leak

Underground water pipe leak is term used in the plumbing industry that refers to a water leak coming from a water line underground. Residential homes or commercial buildings typically have water supply lines installed under them to deliver water to the plumbing fixtures.

Underground water pipe leaks can occur in many types of water lines such as copper water lines, galvanized or metal water lines and plastic water lines. Many factors contribute to an underground water pipe leak. Some of the common causes of underground water pipe leaks are rubbing of the pipe on a hard object, deterioration of pipe by soil or water conditions and defects in the material or installation process.

Underground Water Pipe Leak Detection

Some plumbers advertise underground water pipe leak detection services but when they get into your home they end up digging holes in your yard looking for water lines and use a process of elimination to figure out which water line is leaking. Then they offer to re-route or replace the leaking water line. This process is old school and takes hours to perform. Just to figure out which water line is leaking can cost you hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars before the underground water pipe leak is even repaired.

Local plumber, Absolute Plumbing and Boiler uses years of construction knowledge, state of the art underground water pipe leak detection and line locating equipment to find your leak at a fraction of the cost without digging holes and guessing. Our electronic amplification and tracer gas equipment is designed specifically for underground water pipe leak detection in Amherst and its surrounding communities. The underground water pipe leak detection equipment enables us to tell you where the leak is.

Signs you may need underground water pipe  leak detection are:

  • Higher than usual water bills.
  • Sounds of water running mysteriously.
  • Low water pressure.

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Underground water pipe leakAbsolute Plumbing and Boiler has been providing underground water pipe leak detection services to the city of Amherst, Ohio and its surrounding areas for many years.

Local plumber, Dan Moss has over 22 years of experience in constructing homes and understands how the plumbing systems are installed. When it comes to underground water pipe leak detection services this experience saves you time and money. If you are in need of underground water pipe leak detection in and around Amherst give us a call.

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