Benefits Of Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heater installation in Westlake

Benefits Of Tankless Water Heaters

Did you realize that your  water heater is the second highest energy using appliance in your home?  A 50-gallon electric water heater will cost about $420 per year.  If you live where electric rates are higher, it will cost you as much as $600 per year.  These “tank type” water heaters consume a lot of that energy keeping the water hot even when you’re not using it, wasting money each year. Now there is a better product available – gas tankless hot water heaters.

Tankless water heaters are not new and have been around for decades.  The principle is simple: the unit heats the water only when you turn the water on.

How A Tankless Water Heater Operates

The Sequence Of Operation is as follows:

  1. A hot water fixture is turned on.
  2. Water movement is detected by a Flow Switch.
  3. The Flow Switch sends a signal to the computer.
  4. Computer turns on combustion air blower and burner.
  5. The Heat Exchanger heats the water.
  6. Unit shuts off when fixture turns off.

What are the Benefits of Tankless Water Heater?

A tankless gas water heater has a number of benefits over an electric or gas storage tank water heater.  They include:

  • Endless Showers – Do you have young teenage girls in your home, you probably are used to cold showers in the morning.  A gas tankless water heater makes that a thing of the past.  Since the water is heated as you need it, there’s no running out and no cold showers.  An electric water heater can take over an hour to completely reheat the hot water.
  • Endless Hot Water – Gas tankless water heaters allow you to run more appliances at the same time.  You could take a shower while the dishwasher and laundry are going.  Plus, a tankless unit will let you take full advantage of your soaker bath or Jacuzzi tub.
  • Longer Life Expectancy – Most tankless units have 10-15 year warranties and can last up to 20 years before replacement.  Tank units typically have a 6-year warranty and only last 10-15 years.  You may have to get two or three tank units for every tankless unit.
  • Money Saver – You save money by only heating the water when you need it.  While tank water heater waste energy heating water you aren’t using, the tankless unit save energy by only using gas when you need hot water.  This can cut your costs by up to 30% per year!
  • Huge Space Savings – Tankless units can be placed almost anywhere in the house.  They are hung on the wall, either inside or outside of the house (depending on climate).   You can regain valuable floor or closet space.
  • Better Water Quality – Traditional water heaters can build up a bacteria if the stored hot water is below 140 degrees. With tankless water heaters you don’t store hot water so you will experience fresher, cleaner water.


Cost Of A Tankless Water Heater

The problem with tankless water heaters is that the upfront costs are significantly higher than the standard tank water heater.  For a typical two bathroom home, a tankless water heater can cost 3 to 3.5 times that of a standard water heater to purchase and install. However, there are other ways that you can save with a tankless unit.  Gas tankless water heaters are eligible for a $300 federal tax credit. There are other state and local rebates that may also apply in your area.  And don’t forget that you’ll need to replace a standard water heater twice in the lifespan of just one tankless unit, so it’s a great long-term investment.