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Garbage disposal clog repair

Garbage Disposal Repairs

Garbage disposals are machines mounted by a plumber under a sink designed to grind up left over food products. They consist of an electric motor, cutting blades and a drain. When a garbage disposal are turned on any contents inside of it are tossed around until the blades grind it up small enough to pass through to the drain system. Running cool water while the disposal is being used will help flush any of its contents out and keep the motor from over heating. This will also aid in preventing a clogged garbage disposal.

If you have one of these machines there will come a time when you may need a plumber to repair your garbage disposal. Whether it is a clogged garbage disposal drain, a leaky garbage disposal drain or a new installation we are here to help.

Mr. Plumber What Size Garbage Disposal Do I Need?

Garbage disposals are rated in horse power and come in a variety of sizes. The more horse power the disposal has the least likely it is to become clogged by a hard piece of food. You have to be careful here. Bigger doesn’t always mean better.

If you have to big of a garbage disposal installed on a sink made of a weaker material it can shake the whole counter top. The size of the disposal should be dictated by the frequency of use and quality of sink it is to be installed on. When it comes time to replace your garbage disposal, the plumber should take these things into consideration. Absolute Plumbing & Boiler has been providing garbage disposal repair services in Elyria and surrounding areas since 1992 and is here to help with any questions you may have.

Clogged Garbage Disposal Drain near Elyria

Garbage disposal drains do clog from time to time. Most of the time it’s not actually the garbage disposal. A clogged garbage disposal drain is usually a result of the drain piping connected to the garbage disposal. Sometimes there is a restrictor tee installed near the disposal and when softer food is fed into the garbage disposal to fast it tends to clog the drain at this spot.

Many plumbers attribute a clogged disposal drains to pasta, egg shells, leafy vegetables, rice and many other foods. Because of this belief many people refrain from using their garbage disposal. If all these foods were the cause of clogged garbage disposals, why would anyone even own a garbage disposal? The truth is when we perform our garbage disposal repairs we find it’s not the food. It’s the way the food is fed into the disposal and the piping arrangement under the sink that causes the problem. If you have a clogged garbage disposal drain give Absolute Plumbing & Boiler a call we can help.

Maintaining A Garbage Disposal Drain

There are many ways to maintain your garbage disposal drain that will keep it running like new. Here are a few tips to help with common garbage disposal drain problems that should help keep the plumber away:

  • Grinding up ice cubes will keep the blades clean and sharp
  • Feed food in small portions to prevent a clogged disposal drains
  • Stay away from hard items like bones that can jam the blades
  • Grinding up pieces of lemon, limes or oranges can reduce odors

If you have questions about our garbage disposal repair service, give us a call.

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