Backflow Testing in Avon, OH

Backflow Testing in Avon, OH

Tis the season for backflow testing. I get so many calls from residents wondering what is backflow testing and why do I have to test it every year? This year seems to be amplified with questions due to the utility department cracking down on backflows that have never been tested or installed.

What Is A Backflow Test?

Backflow testing is a procedure by which a certified, trained technician, connects a pressure differential gauge to the backflow preventer to test if the components are doing their job.

Backflow preventers have check valves and relief valves in them that are designed to close or open at a certain time to stop polluted or contaminated water from entering your drinking water system. The pressure differential gauge lets the backflow tester know if the components are operating according to state standards.

Why Backflow Testing Is Required Every Year?

The E.P.A requires that all water departments must deliver safe drinking water in accordance with the safe drinking water act of 1974. Part of keeping the water safe, is preventing used water from back flowing or siphoning back into the drinking water system. This is the job of a backflow preventer.

Have you ever paid close attention to what is in those chemicals you put on your lawn? If you have an under ground sprinkler system, those chemicals are coming in contact with your drinking water right at the under ground sprinkler head. Should there be a drop in pressure in your home or from the city the next time you go to get a drink of water you maybe drinking fertilizer.

Backflow preventers stop this from occurring. Backflow testing is required annually, at the time of a new installation or at the time of a backflow repair.

Backflow devices and backflow testing are designed to keep your water safe. If you are in need of backflow test or have a question about backflow preventers, give us a call, we can help.