Kitchen Sink Installation & Repair In North Ridgeville, OH

Kitchen Sink Installation & Repair In North Ridgeville, OH

One if the most common used plumbing fixtures in a home is the kitchen sink. It’s hard to imagine what your daily routine would be like without it.

From washing dishes to preparing a meal, the kitchen sink can take a lot of abuse. In time it begins to show wear and tear.

Some of the different types of kitchen sink installations and repairs we perform are due to:

  • Deterioration of the finish
  • Undersized or impractical for daily use
  • Kitchen sink is old and out dated

When it comes time for your kitchen sink installation there are many options on the market today. Kitchen sinks come in many sizes, shapes and types of material. While size and shape play a role in functionality the material the kitchen sink is made of will affect its durability and look.

Which Material Should I Choose For My Kitchen Sink Installation?

Kitchen sinks can be made of many different types if materials. Each one of them has their advantages and disadvantages. The better the material the longer it will last.

When choosing a kitchen sink try to stay away from the less expensive materials. Thin stainless steel, porcelain-on-steel and some of the weaker plastic composite sinks tend to create problems in the long run.

If you prefer a good quality stainless steel kitchen sink installation, look for sinks with a gauge rating of 20 or 17. They will cost more but are well worth it.

One of the oldest and still the strongest kitchen sink installations is a cast iron kitchen sink. These sinks are solid, quiet and will last a life time.

Dan Moss owner of Absolute Plumbing & Boiler has been providing kitchen sink installations since 1992. If you are in need of a kitchen sink installation or kitchen sink repair in the North Ridgeville, Ohio area give us a call.