Leaky Toilet In Bay Village, OH

Leaky Toilet In Bay Village, OH

One of the most commonly used plumbing fixtures in your home is the toilet. Because of that, when it gets clogged or begins to leak, it’s a huge inconvenience for everyone.

Leaks can be an incredible inconvenience no matter where they are coming from, but toilet leaks are especially frustrating. Unattended leaky toilets can cause extensive damage.

Some of the most common causes of a leaky toilet are:

Old tank bolts and gaskets: There are bolts and gaskets that keep the tank attached to the bowl. If those bolts or gaskets become loose or get worn out, that could cause your toilet to leak.

Cracked tank or bowl: A crack in the bowl or tank of your toilet will require an immediate replacement.

Leaking supply tube: The supply tube brings water into the tank. if it is not installed correctly or fails it could be a source of your toilet leak.

Loose or rocking toilet: If the toilet moves when you sit on it there is a good chance the wax seal has been broken. A broken wax seal could lead to water on the floor or ceiling below the toilet when it is flushed.

No matter what the problem is with your toilet, Bay Village, Ohio master plumber Dan Moss is here to help.

Dan Moss, owner of Absolute Plumbing & Boiler has been repairing leaky toilets since 1992. Give us a call.