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Pipe Freeze Water Line Repair

Line Freezing & Pipe Freeze Plugging Service

Since 1992, Absolute Plumbing & Boiler has made it our business to keep domestic and heating water piping systems online and prevent unnecessary interruptions. As part of our ongoing advancements in the plumbing and boiler industry, we now offer Pipe Freezing also known as Pipe Freeze Stopping or Plugging. Freeze Plugs are an alternative option to shutting down and draining an entire residential or commercial building and are designed to effectively isolate pipe sections where valves are unavailable or inoperable. Through a combination of years of knowledge and specialized tools,  you can be assured that your pipe systems will stay in service during repairs or alterations.

Pipe Freezing – How it Works

Isolation of the system is established effectively through the application of liquid CO2. The process begins with special clamps placed around the pipe. Liquid Carbon Dioxide begins to flow to the freeze heads and form dry ice at a temperature of -110F°. This is cold enough to form an ice plug in the pipe that can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure without damaging the pipe.

When establishing and maintaining a freeze plug, it is critical that the system has no flow and the freeze plug must be an established distance from any flowing pipe branches and water should be as close to room temperature as possible. In the event that pipe freezing is unsuccessful full shut down of the system may be necessary.

Typical Pipe Freezing Applications

Pipe freezing has many applications, including Residential and Commercial plumbing water supply systems, boiler systems and fire suppression sprinkler lines.
Single or multiple freeze isolations can be applied on Copper, Plastic and Steel pipes up to 2″ in diameter, to allow:

  • Valve installation and replacement
  • Water line leak repairs
  • Installation of new branch lines
  • Boiler heating line repair
  • Equipment isolation or termination
  • Main service valve repair or replacement

Pipe Freeze Benefits

Pipe freezing is widely acknowledged as a safe, reliable and highly cost-effective method of temporary pipe isolation and as a result offers a number of major benefits:

  • No need to drain down entire building
  • Avoids costly venting procedures on boiler systems
  • Keeps system operational while repairs are made

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Since 1992 Absolute Plumbing & Boiler has been at the forefront of cutting edge technology to save you time and money. Our pipe freezing water line repair equipment is just one of the many examples of our commitment to excellence in our industry.

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