Water Heater Tank Sizing In Avon, OH

Water Heater Tank Sizing In Avon, OH

Hot water heaters are designed to deliver and maintain hot water to your home. Hot water is defined by the Ohio Residential Code as water greater then or equal to 110º.

When your water heater doesn’t deliver sufficient hot water it can be frustrating. Insufficient hot water can come in many forms. Maybe you have to wait ten or twenty minutes between showers or you are afraid to start that load of laundry for the fear there will be no hot water left for a shower. One of the biggest signs of an insufficient hot water heater is the inability to fill your master bath soaker tub.

When you have a storage type tank hot water heater it must be designed to accommodate the lifestyle of the home’s occupants.

What Size Water Heater Is Right For My Home?

Making an investment in a new water heater should not be a guessing game. This decision should be based on criteria that fits the occupants needs and lifestyle.

Having a licensed master plumber to assist you with sizing your new water heater can ensure it will meet your needs.

Residential water heater sizing is based on “Peak Hour Demand”

Peak hour demand is determined by:

  • The hour in the day or night when the hot water is being used the most.

  • The number of gallons of hot water that will be used in that hour.

Once this information is known, then a water heater with a “First Hour Rating” matching or exceeding the peak hour demand number is chosen.

What Does First Hour Rating Mean?

Contrary to many beliefs, first hour rating does not mean you can turn on a faucet and one hour later expect to still have hot water.

First hour rating is calculation based on delivery efficiency, input rate of the power source (Gas or Electric) and the temperature rise needed to satisfy the thermostat.

Tank type water heaters will only deliver 70% of its volume.

So if you have a fifty gallon standard water heater and you turn on a faucet rated for two gallons per minute you will begin to run out of hot water in about 18 minutes. Once you shut the faucet off the water heater will spend time reheating the water back up to the set point. Once it shuts off if you turn the faucet back on again you will get roughly another 18 minutes of hot water. By time this occurs the same 50 gallon water heater would deliver approximately 75 gallons of hot water with in an hour. This is the “First Hour Rating” of a standard 50 gallon gas water heater.

If you have any questions or concerns about proper sizing of a water heater give Absolute Plumbing & Boiler call we are here to help.

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