Water Leak Under Slab Foundation in North Ridgeville

Have A Water Leak Under Slab Foundation?

Many of North Ridgeville’s homes are built on a concrete slab foundation. If your floor is concrete and plumbing fixtures are located in that area there is a good chance you have water lines located under the floor. This is known as slab construction. When a water line under the slab portion of the home begins to leak it is termed a “slab leak”.

A water leak under slab foundation can pose a serious problem for North Ridgeville homeowners and they can be caused by a number of things. Potential causes include bad installation, in which case even minor damage to copper pipes may result in a premature failure over time, eventually resulting in a water leak. North Ridgeville homes located in areas with a high water table or poor soil conditions are especially prone to experiencing slab leaks.

How Do I Know If I Have A Water leak Under Slab Foundation?

There are several indicators to look out for in order to determine whether or not you have a water leak under slab foundation and if so, where the slab leak is coming from.

First and foremost, a warm or damp floor may indicate the presence of a slab leak. You may also hear the sound of running water.

If you hear the sound of water running even with nothing in the house that is using water, such as a dishwashing machine or perhaps clothes washing machine, in this case there may be a water leak under slab foundation within your house, which can in fact be a slab leak. Finally, any big, unexplainable difference in the amount of your water bill may also provide evidence of a water leak under slab foundation within your home.

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