Amherst Leak Detection and Repair

Amherst Leak Detection

Leak Detection and Repair

An undetected water leak can increase your water bills. It can cause damage in your walls, under concrete slabs and in your yard. Most of the time these leaks are hidden. Some of the signs you may need our leak detection and repair services in Amherst are wet floors, settling of building foundation and wet spots in your yard.

Signs You Need Our Amherst Leak Detection and Repair Services

• Sounds of continuous running water even if all the valves and faucets are closed.
• Higher than usual water meter readings.
• Elevated water bills
• Warm areas on concrete floors.
• Settling floors, and puddles in your yard.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you may benefit from our leak detection and repair in Amherst. Most of these leak problems are not do it yourself (DYI)’ sort of problems and should be left to the pros who have the proper equipment and training in leak detection and repair. Our specialized leak and line locating equipment is designed to locate the leak without destroying your home.

If you need leak detection and repair in your Amherst home? Call Absolute Plumbing and Boiler.